Nick’s Story: Epitome of Inspiration

:: Motivational Speaker Nick Vujicic ::

LOS ANGELES, California –

Take a moment. Close your eyes. Stop and imagine this. What if you were born without any arms or legs? You are physically unable to reach out and touch somebody. It is physically impossible for you to wake up in the morning and walk to your bathroom to simply brush your teeth.

This is not a joke. For Nick Vujicic, a stunning 26-year old blonde Australian, this is his reality and all he’s ever known. But for Nick, although he may not be able to give his loved ones a big bear hug, he is touching millions of people all around the world with his motivational talks and enormous heart.

Let’s go back in time. When Nick was born on December 4, 1982 in Melbourne, his mother couldn’t have imagined that her first-born child would come into this world without any limbs – known as a rare syndrome called Tetra-amelia. As Nick explains in his new book “Life Without Limits: Inspiration For A Ridiculously Good Life,” doctors detected nothing unusual during her pregnancy.

Growing up, his parents were determined to provide him a good, normal life by even having him attend regular schooling. Their strong Christian values provided the foundation Nick needed to blossom into his own, put his total trust in God and never give up.

When I spoke to Nick during a recent phone interview, I was amazed by just the sound of his voice at how optimistic and humble he was, a person genuinely full of life. But he explained he didn’t always feel this way. At the tender age of 8, this striking Australian contemplated suicide. He soon realized, however, that he had a choice. He could either “be angry for what I don’t have or be thankful for what I do have.”

As a young adult, he gave a speaking presentation in front of almost 20,000 sophomore students. He admits his palms were sweating and many of the girls in the room were crying. One even came up to him and told him he was “beautiful.” Nobody had ever called him that before and he knew then he could be somebody’s “joy” and help carry them through “their storm.”

One person in particular was a 19-month-old baby boy named Daniel, also born with the same condition. Nick says he understood there would be some hardships ahead for this baby boy, but he also knew he could show him “what mountains he has to climb.”

“I know he can look at me as ‘this is somebody who knows what I’m going through.’ If I can be his older brother to help him never give up, to see the bigger plan then it’s worth it.”

Although Nick, who now lives in Los Angeles, first struggled to figure out how to get by with his physical limitations, today there is nothing he cannot do. From graduating in college with a double major in Accounting and Financial Planning to speaking at over 40 countries and scuba diving – yes, even scuba diving! – there are many things this 26-year-old has to be extremely proud of.

His message of faith, strength and self-worth inspired him to start his own non-profit organization called Life Without Limbs, and he has also become a huge sensation on YouTube – with over 13 million viewers tuning in to his videos! (See below)

What he wants people to know is simple: Never underestimate yourself. Don’t give up. Keep the faith – no matter what.

“I want people to know the truth of their value and destiny,” he said.” “Fear is the biggest thing that blocks us, but unless you go around the corner, you never know what’s there. No matter what bad situation you’re in – I’ve been to 38 countries of travel and seen that side of the world – you don’t know what you can achieve unless you try it. You have to do something meaningful in your life.”

He continues: “Today is my greatest asset – not my skills, intelligence gift or passion, but using today as a tool. To communicate love because love heals everything. To express that love to somebody today is so important. Be the love. Be hope.”

With one foot in the present and endless possibilities that await him in the future, Nick knows that every person has a purpose and the power to change people’s lives. He understands that his “disability” is an ability that allows him to do extraordinary things. This kind of positive attitude propels him to move forward and to touch others with his radiating smile and messages from the heart.

As Nick matter of factly put it to me: “If you don’t have a friend, be a friend. If you don’t have a miracle, be the miracle.” Because it is when you take on this transformative way of thinking that your life is suddenly never the same again.

Just as Nick has realized over the years, you will, too – that nothing compares to fulfilling your destiny.

:: Life Without Limits: Inspiration For A Ridiculously Good Life - OUT NOW! ::


Bit of Nick Trivia  (Nick said to me that the songs below help him know he’s not alone) :

His Favorite Song #1 – You Hold Me Now by Hillsong

His Favorite Song #2 – More by Tyron Wells

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