Basic Guidelines for a Featured Story

1) Must be about a *specific* life-changing event, not about your entire life. Or then I’d be writing a book. 😉

2) Life changing event must have either a) ended on a positive note or b) be one in which you learned a positive lesson from.

3) Stories cannot be anonymous. Since my blog is about inspiring others, I think it’s important that one is not afraid to hide behind the scenes. However, to protect one’s privacy to a certain extent, I do not share last names nor phone numbers/email addresses or anything of the sort.

4) Must have a picture I can use relevant to life-changing experience. This is also a way to show story’s authenticity.

5) Must sign Sharing Life Stories Consent Form that is provided before/after receiving Interview Answers.

6) Must submit SLS Interview Answers within 72 hours after receiving questions – if interview is not conducted in person, by phone or Skype.

** Please take note that for now I am trying not to cover the same life experience twice. I want to have an assortment of topics featured. Therefore, please visit the blog first to see what has been written about. The whole Sharing Life Stories process takes a while. An interview must be conducted, notes taken, research conducted and then the story is formulated into a concise and clear article.

If you’d like your story to be featured, please send me a private message here with a short summary. Or email me at You can also find me on Facebook: I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


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