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Brandon’s Story: Love Just Is

HOUSTON, Texas – Raising a child together and creating a family is what many married couples’ long for. But for some, it’s not easily attainable and the opportunity isn’t always within reach. Especially when you’re a gay couple living in … Continue reading

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Nidhi’s Story: A Child’s Breath Of Life

NEW DELHI, India – The birth of a child is a family’s greatest joy – usually perceived as the gift that keeps on giving. Even before he is born, a parent daydreams about the person their child will become, the … Continue reading

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Sergio‚Äôs Story: Just The Two Of Us

MIAMI, FLORIDA – In life, we usually expect things to take on a certain path, giving us the confidence we need that everything will follow a devised chronological order. As teenagers, we imagine the “normal” process to consist of high … Continue reading

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