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Nick’s Story: Epitome of Inspiration

LOS ANGELES, California – Take a moment. Close your eyes. Stop and imagine this. What if you were born without any arms or legs? You are physically unable to reach out and touch somebody. It is physically impossible for you … Continue reading

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Brandon’s Story: Love Just Is

HOUSTON, Texas – Raising a child together and creating a family is what many married couples’ long for. But for some, it’s not easily attainable and the opportunity isn’t always within reach. Especially when you’re a gay couple living in … Continue reading

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Krystal’s Story: Redefining Oneself In The Battlefield

IRAQ/ KUWAIT – Enjoying a hearty meal on the dinner table, sleeping on a comfortable large-sized mattress, bathing in clean and warm water – these are simple pleasures usually taken for granted in the modern day world. But what is … Continue reading

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Nidhi’s Story: A Child’s Breath Of Life

NEW DELHI, India – The birth of a child is a family’s greatest joy – usually perceived as the gift that keeps on giving. Even before he is born, a parent daydreams about the person their child will become, the … Continue reading

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Sergio’s Story: Just The Two Of Us

MIAMI, FLORIDA – In life, we usually expect things to take on a certain path, giving us the confidence we need that everything will follow a devised chronological order. As teenagers, we imagine the “normal” process to consist of high … Continue reading

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Catherine’s Story: A Mother’s Everlasting Embrace

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA – A mother-daughter bond is a connection every girl hopes for. It’s unlike any closeness or relationship you can experience with another human being. Not always, though, do you have that picture perfect relationship, and you fight … Continue reading

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