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Rica’s Story: Champion Against Cancer

TAMPA, Florida/ WILLIAMSBURG, Virginia- Your mid-twenties is regarded as a time of celebration, a time when you’re in your prime and starting to fulfill your destiny one might say. Rica Hudson would say no differently. A few months ago, life … Continue reading

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Audrey’s Story: No Permissions, No Apologies

MIAMI, Florida – Being certain of your sexuality and comfortable in your own skin isn’t always as easy as waking up and starting your day. Especially when the pressure mounts, and you feel like you have to follow a well-defined … Continue reading

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Sergio’s Story: Just The Two Of Us

MIAMI, FLORIDA – In life, we usually expect things to take on a certain path, giving us the confidence we need that everything will follow a devised chronological order. As teenagers, we imagine the “normal” process to consist of high … Continue reading

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Alicia’s Story: In The Name Of Love

GUADALAJARA, Mexico – What would you do in the name of love? Some people say they’d go to the end of the world, cross mountains, live in a foreign land and sacrifice everything they have – all for the one … Continue reading

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