1/3/2011 – UPDATE! Happy New Year everyone! Sharing Life Stories has been on hiatus for the past couple of months due to some personal big life changes of my own. HOWEVER, it will be back up and running very soon so stay tuned! Make sure to check out the FB page (http://facebook.com/sharinglifestories) on information regarding how you can apply to have your own featured story!

11/15/2010 – COMING SOON! Cancer doesn’t discriminate. It can suddenly creep into your life at any age – even in your 20s. Imagine finding out you’ve been struck with this disease right when you’re planning the wedding of your dreams. Read one young woman’s incredible story of survival…

11/03/2010 – NEW! Nick’s Story: Epitome of Inspiration

10/29/2010 – COMING SOON! I’m sure many of you have heard of motivational speaker Nick Vujicic. This incredible man was born without any limbs but that hasn’t stopped him from changing people’s lives and living his own to the fullest! His exclusive story… stay tuned!

10/29/2010 – NEW! Mark’s Story: An Act Of Faith

10/10/2010 – NEW! Brandon’s Story: Love Just Is

10/2/2010 – NEW! Kemy’s Story: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

9/22/2010 – NEW! Audrey’s Story: No Permissions, No Apologies. Check it out!

9/19/2010 – COMING SOON! If you’re a Miami or South Florida local, you have most likely heard of Kemy Joseph, the most kindred spirit that has ever walked the UM (University of Miami) campus. The man behind free hugs, who has started an incredible movement of being kind to others and leading his life with positivity. His story…. stay tuned!

9/10/2010 – COMING SOON! (Sometime during week of September 20) It’s hard enough when you realize you’re gay and then have to come out to your family and friends, hoping for their acceptance of who you are. But what if your sexuality also goes against your religion? Read one woman’s story… stay tuned!

9/10/2010 – Currently accepting story submissions! Leave a message below or email me at sharinglifestories@ymail.com


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